January 16, 2018

The Art of French Cooking (Paris/Provence)

Tour Description: Partaking of all of the amazing, unique food in foreign lands is often one of the best parts of the travel experience, and the diversity of the famed French cuisine is rich and exciting to explore. For those who love to cook (or want to learn) as well as partake of the results […]

The Art of Italian Cooking (Tuscany-Emiglia Romagna)

Tour Description: Designed for those who want to combine the passion of cooking and cuisine along with unforgettable surroundings, our Art of Italian Cooking and Cuisine tour combines the best of both. The rich, multi-layered yet simple flavors of Italy are almost as universally beloved as the Ponte Vecchio and Michelangelo’s David. Join us as […]

The Genteel American South (Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC)

Travel back in time to when the clothing was formal, the society high, and the mansions as bright and beautiful as the debutantes at the weekly balls. The gems of the south are explored in this 10-day immersion in the charms of The Genteel American South.